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On April 9, 2021
Paul McKeon shares about the local ministry he founded, the Columbia Suit Project. “The project’s focus is to collect new and gently used clothing to donate to individuals in need. The original direction was to provide a suit, shirt, and tie for interviews. But over the years we have been introduced to other areas of need.”
“We feel it’s important to not only help clothe people on the outside but also on the inside; physically and spiritually. There is a need to help men who are wanting to get their lives back on track and a need for men’s clothing. Some of these men have earned their GED and now need to look the part for interviewing. I am taking this a few steps further to include high school and college students who cannot afford a suit for interviewing or graduation; as well as missionaries, military returning from active duty needing business clothing, etc. Also, it has been our joy to help young men from the Newberry Boys Farm, men at Reconciliation Ministries, Transitions Homeless Center, homeless veterans, the S.C. Commission for the Blind, and those on probation and formally incarcerated. We probably have helped over 100 people specifically to dress the part for graduations, functions, and job interviews.”
Paul does a great job fitting our jobs program graduates with new suits and ensuring each one is properly fitted for our graduation ceremony. He cares about every client and helps lift their confidence. He is an invaluable partner at Transitions. Thanks for all that you do.
Craig Currey

CEO, Transitions Homeless Center

“Inspired by Ephesians 4: 22-24 and Colossians 3: 8-15, I want to help these guys see how they can change their lives. The ‘put off’ and ‘put on’ from the Scripture noted above, is a visual of taking off an old worn-out garment and wearing it no longer and putting on or sinking into clothing; a new garment, to clothe oneself. Putting on a new man in Jesus.”

“We will custom fit individuals with lightly worn business attire that is appropriate for a professional business setting. The awardee’s name will be sewn into the coat. Properly fitted clothing helps with confidence and putting forth the correct image. Whenever available, shirts, ties, shoes, belts, or socks will be awarded as well.”

Twig Gray [of ERP] has been a huge help in developing this ministry. He has given me many insights, shared contacts to reach and discuss the vision, and has encouraged me. Twig even attended a board meeting to share ideas on fundraising. The newsletters from Emmaus Road Partners have encouraged and inspired me to continue in this ministry.
Paul McKeon

Founder, Columbia Suite Project

Paul McKeon is also the Founder of the Midlands Combine. On Saturday, May 1st at the SOAR Athletic Complex, up to 100 male and female competitors will put their speed, strength, endurance, and agility to the test. The Midlands Combine features 10 athletic events which serve as a customized Pro Day. Competitors will be able to register for the individual competition, which will require participation in all 10 events, or team competition, which enables teams of 2-4 to divide up the 10 events (the top score from each event will be recorded). Team competitors can compete in all 10 of the events or only 1 depending on their strategy and numbers. But, the ultimate purpose is to raise money and awareness of the life-changing work of Transitions Homeless Center and SOAR Columbia.

Paul McKeon shares about the Midlands Combine in the video below.

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