Campus Outreach

On January 19, 2021
The mission of Campus Outreach is “Glorifying God by Building Laborers on the Campus for the World.” We build laborers on the college campus with a commitment to Jesus and His Great Commission through evangelism and discipleship. We passionately reach students with the gospel and train them to become mature followers of Christ. Our desire is to see students leave college equipped to labor in the harvest field for the glory of God and have an impact wherever they are launched beyond college.
We are so thankful for Twig Gray and Emmaus Road Partners because they have helped us not only raise our $25,000 goal for our fall virtual live event but exceed it, as we raised $27,655 in our pioneer effort to reach a broader audience of donors with the vision of raising up kingdom-minded leaders on the college campus. We cannot say enough good things about this ministry that has taken our fundraising efforts to the next level!
Joni Volious

Advancement Coordinator for CO Columbia, Ezekiel Ministries

Emmaus Road Partners have been so helpful for Campus Outreach Columbia over the last 9+ months of meeting with them! This last year is the first year our ministry has tried to do any kind of regional fundraising. And as we have been trying to establish a broader regional donor base for the first time, Twig has added tremendous value to our efforts as he has connected us with numerous kingdom-minded donors, helped us strategize what events and communication strategies would be most effective, and consistently encouraged us to keep working towards our target deadlines so that our goals could be reached!
Click the link to the video above to hear from students about the impact Campus Outreach has had in their lives. Click here to watch CO’s entire virtual event.

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